About my Giclee’s (jhee-clay): If you envision beautiful prints on canvas or fine art papers, our giclee’ prints are what you may be looking for. We work with state of the art technology, quality inks and substrates. Art galleries and museums sell, collect and display giclee’ prints. Giclee’s have become a sought after choice for limited edition fine art (the # of prints available are limited). The process of using pigmented inks on canvas and watercolor papers not only offers the ability to create beautiful prints, but also provided longevity. All of V. L. Christians giclee’s are limited edition, dated, signed, numbered and stamped with a seal of authenticity. Giclee’s are rolled when shipped so they can be stretched and framed to personal specifications. However, if you would like me to frame, matt or stretch your giclee’ please see the about my giclee’s page.

Please note, giclee’ orders are individually printed, so allow additional time for delivery. If you are interested in learning more about the giclee' printing process please view my printers website at www.wowgiclee.com for more details.

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Desert Memoirs
Eagle Eye Vision
Luna Rhythms
Towards The Within
Vision Quest
Magnificent Tree
Love Thyself
An Offering of Gratitude
Plumeria Dreams
The Sunflower Goddess
Flagstaff Biking Goddess
Sedona Biking Goddess
Destination Sun

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