Magnificent Tree, 2004
36"x48" oil on canvas
Original Sold

Magnificent Tree

Magnificent Tree is a reflection of my complete awe of nature. Although there is no doubt nature is something to be reveared, I’ve come to realize that worshipping nature by itself, without acknowledging the Creator is like purchasing a painting with out caring to know who the artist is. Nature can only be magnificent because it is touched by the hands of God. If humanity could only view all creation in this sense, we would learn to view not only nature as sacred, but our bodies and all of creation as sacred.

V. L. Christian

Text comes with cards and prints

5x7 Cards   $3.00
Magnets 2x3  $3.00
12x16 Signed Inkjet Prints   $25.00
8x10 Signed Inkjet Prints Not Matted  $15.00
8x10 Signed Inkjet Prints Double Matted  $30.00
Limited Edition Giclee’ Prints 18x26 on canvas $175.00
Limited Edition Giclee’ Prints 18x26 on fine art paper $175.00
Limited Edition Giclee’ Prints 24x36 on canvas $295.00
Limited Edition Giclee’ Prints 24x36 on fine art paper $295.00
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