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My original paintings are inspired by visions or dreams, but they also attempt to capture powerful feelings aroused in me while in nature. Most of my originals are oils because I love the buttery texture and the richness of color. However, I also use acrylic paintings and pastels. Some of my originals are painted on canvas and some on medite (compressed wood). However, all of my current work is painted on hollow doors, which makes for a very sturdy, yet somewhat heavy painting if it is large. I also use texture and other media; such as jewels, in my paintings which is explained in the descriptions. All of my originals are painted with the highest quality of paints and protected with varnish in order to avoid erosion. They are guaranteed to last a long time, without fading if cared for properly. The value of my originals may increase over time as they are dependant on demand and an aggressive marketing plan, which I am constantly working at. Because I am still an emerging artist, my originals and prints are priced on the low end; however, I am confident that in the next two years the demand for my art will increase as I am a tenacious and savvy marketer with a drive to succeed.

Purchasing and Shipping Information:

Purchasing an original is a deeply personal event, for both the artist and the buyer. Not only does one have to feel a connection with the piece, they need to be sure they can live with it for the rest of their lives. Conversely, as an artist, it is important to me that my collectors truly love the piece. You don’t necessarily have to relate to the painting in the same way I do, but I would hope that you would at least view the painting as more than just decorative.

If you really like an original, but are unsure about how it will look in your home, there is the option to lease the piece for a couple of months. If the painting doesn’t work for you, I will happily take the painting back as it is important to me that it be in the right home. If the leasing option interests you, or you are curious about a lay- away payment plan please call or email me and I will be happy to make payment and shipping arrangements for you.

Some of my originals are framed and matted, but most are not simply because tastes are so diverse. However, I would be happy to frame and matte an original if you so desire as I can purchase materials wholesale, but you need to give me advice as far as the style and color scheme you would like.

If an original is purchased, it will be shipped for free within 7 business days. Each painting is carefully packaged and secured so as to avoid damage. If the painting is in any way damaged upon arrival, I will pay for return shipping and personally fix the piece, if that is, it is fixable.

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