Mission Statement

Healing Heart Publishing was established with the intention to publish and promote artists who are committed to producing artwork not only for decorative purposes, but for the purpose of education and healing on many different levels. In this sense, Healing Heart Publishing’s mission is to function as a catalyst for creative expression, compassionate communication and the expansion of human consciousness through various forms of art. At this time, Healing Heart Publishing is the exclusive publisher of Victoria Christians work. Victoria Chooses to publish her own work in order to be personally involved. From painting to print, Victoria remains committed to the highest level of quality. As a patron, you can be assured the artist has carefully guided the production of each piece.

Call To Artists: If you are an artist interested in purchasing high quality giclee’s or being promoted on our website contact us immediately as we are looking for artists who are aligned with our mission. In addition, we are also working on creating a Healing Heart gallery on our website, which will feature the work of artists committed to Healing Hearts mission. If you are interested in having your work published and/or are interested in being promoted on our future website, please email us at: www.vlchristian.com A tentative price list for giclee’s will be posted on our website soon, but for now, email us for prices.

Giclee' Prints

If you envision beautiful prints on canvas, watercolor and premium papers, our Giclee prints are what you may dream of . We work with state of the art technology, quality inks and substrates. Art galleries and museums sell, collect and display Giclee' prints. The San Francisco Museum of Art, New York’s Metropolitan Museum and the National Museum of Art are just a few who have elected to do so. Giclee' prints have become a sought after choice for limited edition fine art. The process of using pigmented inks on canvas and watercolor papers not only offers the ability to create beautiful prints, but also provided longevity. When using our liquid laminate, longevity can be measured not just in years, but in generations. Prints are resistant to fade for up to 100 years.and Look absolutely exquisite. You can be assured that we will do our best to match the Color of your original to the best of our ability. Test proofs are provided free of charge.

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