Interested in commissioning a painting or mural?

If you are interested in hiring me to do a painting, mural or illustration, I will personally work with you to derive an image that works for you and/or your establishment. However, with fine art pieces and murals, there is a certain degree of creative latitude that I need in order to create from my unique interpretation. I encourage suggestions, but need to feel that you trust my creative abilities. For commercial work, I am much more willing to cater to the image and marketing goals of your business.

All paintings are done with the finest quality of paints and protected with varnish in order to avoid erosion or sun damage. I charge a flat fee of $100 for a preliminary sketch. If more than one sketch is desired, I charge an hourly rate of $25. All fine art commissions, illustrations and mural are done on a contractual basis with 1/3 retainer and material costs upon approval of the design. Then, a second payment of 1/3 of the total cost is to be paid half way through the project, and the final 1/3 paid upon closure of the Commission. This is to ensure the protection of both parties. The cost of a painting or mural is dependant on a variety of factors; such as the size, detail and the type of materials used. Thus, the larger and more detailed the design, the more it will cost. The total cost is then figured by labor plus materials averaged by the square foot.

If you interested in commissioning a work, you can be assured that I will never begin a commission unless the client first approves the design. I promise to work closely with you during the painting process in order to maintain satisfaction. I absolutely guarantee you will have no regrets hiring me as your artists as I value a job well done and promise to uphold my end of the deal with creativity, integrity and a positive attitude. Email me about a commission

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